Specialist Memorial Card Printers

Printers of Memoriam Cards, Memorial Cards & Remembrance Cards. At Celtic Cards, County Donegal, we have been specialising in producing In Memoriam Cards since 1993. We can therefore offer exceptional personal attention and outstanding design. Our proofing service ensures you 100% satisfaction, before we print. We have a wide range of memorial card designs, bookmarks, pocket or wallet-style In Memoriam cards and key rings to choose from, with our own memorial card catalogue of original images for In Memoriam cards and holy pictures available by post or online. Design and printing for our memorial cards is entirely in-house from start to finish, where quality, taste and respect are our watchwords.

Choose from our Bespoke Gift Bundles

Combined Gift Sets are a great way to remember your Loved One and give you an option in gifting to friends and family so that you can give them an item that would be most suitable for that person to cherish and remember your Beloved.


At Celtic Cards we understand how important it is to remember your Loved One in a manner that will ensure that you will always have a treasured reminder whether it is in reading a favourite book and having a cherished Bookmark or a keyring we will ensure that your Beloved is never far from your thoughts.



Choose two products and receive a 5% discount from our Classic Gift Bundle. Select either our Lifetime Card or Memorial Card combined with a specially designed Key Ring to avail of this offer.

Handy Gift Set

Select three items from the Handy Gift Set Range and avail of a 10% reduction. Designed for portability  you can be sure that the  memories of  your Loved One are always nearby…

Bespoke Gift Set

Select 4 items from Our Bespoke Gift Range and get a 20% discount. Our custom package provides complete control and choice over the items you want to combine for ultimate flexibility.

Classic Cards

  • At Celtic Cards we do not offer pre-printed Memorial or Acknowledgement cards where only the name and picture are added, but rather give you the opportunity to arrange the card yourself, drawing from a vast variety of components.
  • We offer you complete freedom to pick any image, text and background from our selection and arrange it the way you want it. If you do not find a suitable verse/prayer in our samples, please feel free to send the required text/background with your order.

Lifetime cards

  • Available as a bookmark and as a folding double card, these unique composite In Memoriam Cards provide an elegy in pictures.
  • Some people choose several different cherished portraits to be superimposed on a pastoral style background from our range, others provide photos from all the different stages in life, and a local or significant landscape, or some indication of the loved one’s lifestyle.
  • We will montage or combine the pictures together in a modern tribute that is seen as a celebration of life rather than a mourning of death. As the process is more involved than the Classic Card, “A proof is recommended”

Pocket Cards & Extras

  • Pocket Cards – are laminated round-cornered non-folding cards, printed both sides, the size of a business card, ideal for keeping in your wallet or purse. Any of our Lifetime backgrounds can be used, and up to two proofs are included.
  • Folders – These attractive folders are the best way to present your cards and say thank you. Available in three sizes for our bookmarks, folding or pocket cards. Protects the cards in the post when you mail them out individually. The perfect way to display the cards on a shelf or mantlepiece. Unlike many other In Memoriam printers we personalise your folder for no extra cost so you may include your own words of thanks

Acknowledgement cards

At Celtic Cards we have had over 20 years experience in designing the perfect Memorial Card, Bookmark or Keepsake in remembrance of your Loved One. Some of the reasons that you should consider ordering products  from us are.

  • Free Shipping in Ireland or UK
  • Free Memorial Sample Packs worldwide
  • Free Gift with every order
  • Message or call us at any stage in the process